Monday, 5 November 2018

Week 4 Update
Room 4 - Year 6
Tabloid Sports
Monday at Midhurst School. If wet postponement date is Tuesday.
In maths this week we are looking at our PAT maths assessment that we
did last week. We will be working through the questions to learn from our
mistakes. We will use our test results to direct our learning over the next
week or two as we fix our mistakes and fill any gaps. We will also
consolidate our division strategies.

We have been collecting notes over the last week and have planned our
information report. Planning is a super important step in writing as it helps
us to organise our ideas and gives us guidance when it comes to the actual
writing part. This week we begin turning our notes into sentences and
paragraphs. We will be looking to develop our PEE paragraphs and using
connectives to add more detail to our writing. Reading has become part of
our writing programme as we read a range of sources of information on
our topics. We are also completing a reading assessment to see how we
have progressed.
We began some maths art last week looking at rotation, reflection and
translation. The children has to create a strip of paper art which we divided
into eighths. They then created a design in ⅛ which was then reflected and
translated. This week we look to design some Thai Mandalas using
symmetry. We are going to create a design and then transfer it onto
printing foam to create a printing plate. We will then learn how to use our
stencil to create our manadala. This art will run throughout the next week
or two.
Most of our afternoon sessions will be busy preparing our production item.
Kia Kaha with Jono
We have some Kia Kaha sessions with Jono which we will be finishing off
on Tuesdays at 11am.
Learning Questionnaire
There was a link to a questionnaire in last weeks newsletter about your
child/children’s learning. It would be fantastic if you could all fill this in at
some point. It won’t take long and will give us some great information!
Home Learning this week
There is only reading and spelling words this week for homework.

Pillow case or plastic bag
Each child needs a named pillow case or plastic bag to store their
production costume in at school. If your child could bring this into class this
week that would be great.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Week 2 Update
Room 4 - Year 6
We are finishing off our maths goals from last week as we had a few
disruptions. Once we have identified our goals we are going to look at division for the rest of the week.
In writing we are moving into writing information reports. We will be
analysing some examples to identify their structural and language features.
We are then going to look at note taking and how to take effective notes. In
reading we continue with our ITTM statements and reading to understand.
Most of our afternoon session will be busy preparing our production item.
Touch Rugby
Games are Tuesday at 5pm for those playing. Only one game per week
from now on. Please be there at 4.45pm.
Sun Hats
Sun hats are a requirement at school everyday now. If your children does
not bring a hat they must sit under the shelter outside Room 6.

Week 1 Update
Room 4 - Year 6
Term 4
Welcome to Term 4! I hope you have all have a fantastic break and are
feeling refreshed and ready for another busy term. We have our Shrek
school production this term so we will no doubt be dancing and singing up
a storm in the coming weeks.
Throughout the last week of Term 3 the children completed a maths
knowledge and gloss assessment. This week we will be going through their
tests and marking some aspects together. It is expected that we will make
some mistakes which we will inspect and then correct as this is how we
learn best. We will also developing our next steps and learning goals which
will help direct the children on Maths Hub when they are working on this.

Children will be working hard to finish off their research projects they
started last term. They will also be writing a narrative based on a Pobble
365 picture. A kick start back into writing after the 2 week break. Reading
we are also going to brush up on our ITTM and understanding what we are
reading, while we are reading.

Student Agency
So throughout the last term we have been developing our student agency
skills and figuring out how we work independently well. We all began at a
bronze level at the beginning of term 3. This was when I told them what
tasks they had to do during independent work. Throughout the term we
have all progressed to silver which is where the children now choose what
tasks they are working on and manage their own time. We will continue to
develop our silver agency as well as looking to progress to gold. Gold is
when the children choose their learning activites based on their learning
goals and next steps. This is where our maths assessments will come in
useful to direct our learning activities. Be sure to ask your child all about
our bronze, silver and gold agency levels.
Raul the Beekeeper is coming on Friday morning to return our two news
hives which have been on holiday at his place while the new queens are
introduced. We are super excited to see how they are going. This term we
are hoping our new flow hive will arrive and we will be looking into pests
and diseases that affect bees and how we can control/treat these.

Library day is Tuesday.
This term we are going to trial Seesaw. It is an app which is similar to
blogger which we currently use to share our learning. If your child has an
iPad could they please download the Seesaw Class app so we can begin to
experiment with it. Once we have got it up and running I will send out
invites so you can view their Seesaw page. It looks like an exciting and
simple platform to share our learning in exciting ways.

Term 4 Key Dates
Week 1- Week 6 on Tuesday evenings - Touch Rugby competition at
Stratford Primary
Monday 22nd Labour Day
Super Skills Cricket sessions - Fri 2nd, 9th & 16th. Run by Taranaki Cricket
during school time for the entire class
Monday 5th November - Tabloid Sports - Midhurst School
Thursday 29th September School Production
Tuesday 18th December - End of Term

Monday, 17 September 2018

Speech Board

So over the last two weeks our time has been dominated by Speech Board preparation. It is a mammoth effort by the kids to prepare all of the three items, prepare what they are going to say, find a suitable poem or poems and read a novel to share and discuss.

Our class timetable has gone out the window and we spend our morning and middle block working on Speech Board before moving onto art after lunch. 

Speech Board isn't just something we do at Toko School is it is an important part of our programme and has a number of purposes. When we spoke as a class about why we do Speech Board they suggested it was about preparing themselves for when they public speak when they are older. A great point but I questioned them as to why and how Speech Board could help them now and how it was relevant to their daily lives NOW. 

We discussed how it teaches them to speak confidently in front of others which they regularly do in class now, speaking in assembly and speaking in front of people we don't know, just to name a few. The informative talk also develops their skills for informing people on topics they are knowledgeable about. We discussed how they may do this when they learn new things at school and want to tell their whanau or friends about it. The book passage is also important in developing their skills to read a novel and summarise the story so they can discuss it and/or recommend it to others to read. Something I find myself doing every time I find a great read. 

For each of the three components of Speech Board: informative talk, poem and book passage I shared with the children the explicit learning goals and what the assessor was looking for. Here is an example: 

Ensuring that the children understand the learning goals and aspects that are being assessed has really focused them in their preparation. They know all the aspects they need to cover and develop. It has also allow them to give each other very specific feedback for the really good bits and the bits they need to develop further. 

Here are some action shots from the last couple of weeks



Weekly Update

Week 9 Update
Room 4 - Year 6
Speech Board
Our Speech Board examinations begin today and finish Wednesday
lunchtime. The children have all worked extremely hard to prepare for
these and I am proud of how they have managed themselves to make sure
they are ready to go on time. It will be a messy few days with groups in and
out of class but I know the kids are looking forward to getting it done.
Maths this week is based around knowledge and filling the gaps we have. I
will be running a number of knowledge workshops which the children will
opt into if they need to focus on that skill/knowledge area. Maths
knowledge includes things like rounding numbers, reading decimals,
reading any number up to 1,000,000, ordering numbers, addition and
subtraction facts, multiplication and division facts and number bonds.
In literacy this week when our focus shifts from Speech Board we are going
to look at some poetry. We are going to explore found poetry and haikus.
This will mostly likely stretch into next week if the children need more
Speech Board practice time.
We need to finish painting our bee boxes in the next couple of days as Raul
the Beekeeper is splitting our hive on Thursday. Raul the Beekeeper has
decided to take the beehive into town to his place for the two weeks so he
can easily monitor and feed the hive while he introduces a new queen.
Thanks to those families who offered to ‘beesit’ for us. In Week 1 of Term 4
he will return the hive to school and we will have a total of 3 hives.
Calendar Art
We are in the finishing stages of our calendar art and they look amazing. At
a glance you may not see the amount of effort and detail in each picture.
They really are artworks that you need to look at very carefully to see all of
the detail the kids have added. Photos of your child’s finished artwork will
be up on their blog no later than Wednesday. Once you have had a look
and if you want to order please fill in the order form and return.  
Home Learning
This is the final week of spelling words for the term as next week everyone
will be completing a big level test. Reading is o continue as normal. Other
home learning involves practicing speech board items as these are being
assessed this week. Also if there is any maths work from our knowledge
workshops that needs more work or to be finished will be homework.
Times tables also.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Week 6 Update
Room 4 - Year 6
Our last week of place value partitioning has stretched over into this week
as well so we can touch on some division and just to consolidate our
knowledge. Mental Maths Monday’s are going well and this week we will
be choosing the best strategy to solve a range of problems.
Our focus shifts now to preparing for our Speech Board examinations. We
still have to proof read and edit our persuasive letters as well as self assess
our work and a partners. This week we will be focusing on choosing an
informative talk topic and poem. Speech Board books should be read by the
end of this week.
Plastic Bags Inquiry
For our plastic bag topic we are going to inquire into finding some solutions
to the issue and how we can do our bit to help. Our persuasive letters will
be coming home towards the end of the week so keep an eye out for them.
Artist Study
We were so fortunate to have Cecilia Russell in last week to give us some
amazing tips and tricks for our word art. This week we are starting to plan
our piece of work and will be looking at composition and how to put a
picture together.
Times Tables
Some children are still needing to work on their times tables. Please check
in with your child to see where they need some more practice. It is their
responsibility to ensure they know these. If they know their times tables all
other maths is made so much easier!
Toko School Cross Country
This is on Friday at 1pm. Children will have an early lunch so they are ready
to race at 1pm. Please see the newsletter for more details.